Practice Tests


The Practice Test feature allows more flexibility with student assessment. Students can take Practice Tests as many times as they want, but when this feature has been activated, the Spelling Test or Vocabulary Test can be taken only once.

To turn the Practice Test feature on or off: Log into your account, select Test Results from your Toolbox, and select the gear icon in the Help box.

To allow retests at the class level, click the gear icon in the list column within Test Results and select the option to Reset Scores. To allow retests for individual students, click on the individual score and select Reset Score.

Student Practice Test results can be viewed in Student Activity by clicking the student’s username within Test Results or on the Students page.

Common FAQs

What is the difference between a Practice Test and a Spelling (or Vocabulary) Test?

Students may take a Practice Test as many times as they wish. A Spelling Test or Vocabulary Test may be taken only once.

Can a student retake a Spelling Test or Vocabulary Test?

Yes! You can allow a retake for the entire class or by individual student through the gear functionality within Test Results (see above for details).

Can I print my whole class’ grades for a Practice Test?

No. Scores for Practice Tests appear under Student Activity rather than Test Results, so class reports are not available.