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Phonics is about knowing which letters symbolize the sounds in a word and using that knowledge to sound out or decode words. Additionally, this skill includes the ability to instantaneously recognize frequently used but irregularly spelled words.

Accurate and fluent word recognition depends on phonics knowledge. The ability to read words accounts for a substantial proportion of overall reading success, even in older readers.

In addition, phonics instruction improves spelling ability because it emphasizes spelling patterns that become familiar from reading. Studies show that half of all English words can be spelled with phonics rules that relate one letter to one sound.

VocabularySpellingCity offers phonics activities with Premium Membership.

TeachMe More gives students the opportunity to explore spelling, syllables, sounds, and context, including definitions and parts of speech.

Play TeachMeMore with a number words list.

Initial Sound Speller and Final Sound Speller provide practice recognizing sounds/spelling correspondences. Practice of these basic phonics skills prepare students for blending words orally and in writing.

Play Initial Sound Speller with a colors word list.

Play Final Sound Speller with a nouns word list.

SillyBulls (ie Syllables) gives students practice identifying the number of syllables in a word, a key step in word decoding.

Play SillyBulls with an animals word list.

Resources for Teaching Phonics

VocabularySpellingCity's activities and games help beginning readers learn phonics thanks to the audio feature. Students click on a word to hear it spoken, spelled, and used in a context-rich sentence.

Our phonics games help students practice important foundational skills, with the added flexibility of using any word list. These phonics activities develop students' vocabulary and offer practice in word building and word recognition, sound-spelling correspondences, and multisyllabic words.

Help your students build their early literacy skills with our Beginning Spelling Curriculum, Word Families and Sight Words lists.

Customize Phonics Word Lists in Your Account

Though VocabularySpellingCity provides a beginning spelling curriculum and sight word lists, some teachers and parents use their own word lists. No problem! Free registration allows teachers and parents to input their own lists. That means you can use our interactive beginning reader games and printable activities to enhance any phonics or sight word curriculum. And with Premium Membership, parents and teachers can see their students' progress with test results, progress tracking, and record keeping features.

Meeting the Common Core State Standards

VocabularySpellingCity's phonics lists, games, worksheets, and activities help students develop the reading foundational skills that meet the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. For example, kindergarten students are expected to "know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words." This standard continues through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. With VocabularySpellingCity, students can meet their Common Core Standards goals, teachers and parents get the curriculum support they need, and beginning readers become confident readers while having fun!

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