Parts of Speech

VocabularySpellingCity has the tools to help your students learn the parts of speech of the words they are studying. Whether at the elementary school, middle school, or high school level, video lessons, online games, and offline worksheets and activities integrate words from a list into sentences, showing the proper use and function of the words. Each activity helps students learn words and their parts of speech–important steps on the road to strong grammar skills!

Importing and Creating Parts of Speech Word Lists

Each list has an “import” link next to it that will automatically transfer that list to your account when clicked. If you have a Premium Membership, you can assign lists and activities to individual students as well as input and use your own lists. To quickly make a new list, just copy and paste your parts of speech vocabulary words using the batch entry feature. Learn the five simple steps for publishing your own customized lists.

Worksheets and Activities from Figurative Language Lists

All lists can be transformed to parts of speech worksheets. Learn more about printing VocabularySpellingCity activities or browse the sample worksheets below:

Common Core State Standards

Learning the parts of speech is an important step in understanding word meaning, word function, and proper English grammar. In fact, the Common Core State Standards require that as early as second grade, students will demonstrate command of all eight parts of speech, and that as students grow, their understanding and use of words will become more sophisticated each year.

Learning the Parts of Speech

Students of all ages can use these resources to learn or review the eight parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, interjection. Teachers may use the whole presentation or only part of it, so first grade students learn nouns, third grade students learn proper pronoun use, fifth grade students learn prepositions and middle and high school students brush up on all eight parts of speech. Many wonder, “What part of speech is the word,’the’?” It is, in fact, a definite article. Articles are not one of the 8 parts of speech, although many people consider articles to be the “ninth” part of speech!

Identifying Parts of Speech

Students can practice identifying parts of speech with online or printed Flashcards. Visitors and registered members of VocabularySpellingCity may choose from a selection of sample lists, while premium members may use their own saved lists. To make your own flash cards, choose an appropriate list. Then, on the first flashcard, scroll to the bottom and click on the link labeled “customize.” Click the box next to “part of speech” to have the part of speech appear on the front or the back of the flashcards. VocabularySpellingCity’s Parts of Speech game allows students of all levels to practice identifying the part of speech of an underlined word in a sentence. Use individual, small group or whole class grammar activities or online enrichment activities to help students fully internalize what they have learned.

Interjection Words: hey, my, no, ouch, oops, wow, uh-oh, alas, aha, yikes

Preposition Words: around, under, past, in, until, by, into, between, within, before

Conjunctions – Correlating Words: so, not only, just as, or, but also, either, and, both, nor, neither

Conjunctions – Simple Words: yet, and, nor, or, but, because, so, until, if, for

Pronoun Words: whose, itself, I, ours, anyone, her, they, he, that, myself

Adverb Words: carefully, late, really, eventually, well, hard, quietly, always, slowly, soon

Adjective Words: sweaty, many, slimy, green, this, another, large, tiny, cracked, solid

Verbs – Abstract Words: become, need, owe, own, be, hate, look, taste, enjoy, feel

Verbs – Action Words: explain, investigate, chop, toss, slide, eat, carry, bring, write, run

Nouns – Animal Words: cat, gorilla, fox, ferret, dog, goat, panther, elephant, deer, aardvark

Nouns – Qualities Words: strength, sincerity, giant, honesty, peaceful, ruthlessness, weakness, sensitivity, quiet, excitement

Nouns – Idea Words: pain, happiness, wealth, forgiveness, freedom, power, peace, fury, fear, laughter

Nouns – Object Words: backhoe, orange, stick, cranberry, knickknack, table, bag, needle, gargoyle, sink

Nouns – Places Words: home, park, Texas, office, library, store, mountain, corner, school, Africa

Nouns – People Words: player, magician, speaker, teacher, architect, friend, neighbor, doctor, brother, mother