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VocabularySpellingCity has the tools middle school teachers need to help students learn and understand a wide range of vocabulary words. At the middle school level, students are expected to take more charge of their own education through goal setting and self-regulation. VocabularySpellingCity's Premium Membership allows students to keep track of what activities they've completed and how they are progressing, helping them grow toward this new independence.

Importing Word Lists to your Account

Each subject has a page with ready-made lists that have been organized by grade or by sub-topic:

Sample Word Lists 6th 7th 8th
Spelling view view view
Math view view view
Science view view view
Social Studies view view view
Literature view view view

VocabularySpellingCity also offers a series of Geography lists that include state capitals and countries by continent. Each list has an "import" link next to it that will automatically transfer that list to your account when clicked. Go to "List Management" (in the Teacher Toolbox on the top right of the screen) to view all of the lists you have imported and/or created. If you have a premium account, you can assign lists and activities to individual students.

Creating Word Lists and Printable Worksheets

If you have a specific word list in mind, it is as easy as copy and paste to create your own customized list! Once published, your lists can be automatically loaded into VocabularySpellingCity's games and learning activities, and most can even be transferred to printable worksheets for offline practice. Learn more about printing VocabularySpellingCity activities.

Engaging Teens and 'Tweens

VocabularySpellingCity lets middle school students practice vocabulary, spelling, and parts of speech in a way that is engaging and keeps them on task. Fun interactive games like Flash Cards motivate 'tweens and teens in middle school to do their work, since it's so enjoyable. Using the middle school vocabulary list, these games, activities, and middle school vocabulary worksheets help students to achieve the Common Core State Standards set forth for their grade levels. Whether they need to learn grammar, words related to literature, math words, or middle school science vocabulary, the games and activities help build their skills and comprehension.

Immediate Feedback

Middle school students benefit from immediate feedback on their work. Whether they're picking the right homophone to fill in the blank or learning new middle school vocabulary words, the immediate feedback from VocabularySpellingCity games and activities helps make sure that middle school students internalize both the spellings and meanings of words from the middle school vocabulary list. If they need more practice, students can play many different games with the same word list.

Appealing to Different Learning Styles

Using VocabularySpellingCity games, middle school vocabulary worksheets, and other fun activities, middle school students are able to learn in their own way. While they expand their independence, their teachers and parents can still track how well they are learning. A teacher might administer a middle school vocabulary quiz at intervals, or use other middle school vocabulary software to gauge the students' level of learning and comprehension. Teachers can even create their own middle school word lists and add words to the database, to supplement the middle school vocabulary for specific school subjects.

Balancing Independence and Supervision

VocabularySpellingCity provides a balance between independence and supervision. Middle school students can begin to take charge of their own learning even while teachers and parents guide and track their progress. Students expand their middle school vocabulary words in thorough and fun ways, yet teachers can be satisfied that their middle school students will be well equipped for the challenges of high school.

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