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At the Kindergarten level, science is a foundational subject introducing students to the world around them. A strong kindergarten science curriculum should include the study of science vocabulary. When students see how kindergarten science terms are relevant to real life contexts, they are better equipped to make sense of their newly acquired scientific knowledge.

VocabularySpellingCity makes this connection through comprehensive kindergarten science word lists. Each list contains the most common vocabulary terms used in the presentation of each particular science concept. Seven categories are covered, both at a glance (see “Summary Lists” below) and in depth: Scientific Inquiry, Matter, Energy, Motion, Space, Earth, and Life Science.

Kindergarten Science Lists

Summary Word Lists

7 lists

Scientific Inquiry

17 lists


5 lists


3 lists


10 lists

Space Science

8 lists

Earth Science

10 lists

Life Science

16 lists

Kindergarten Science Summary Lists
Scientific Inquiry
Space Science
Earth Science
Life Science
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Kindergarten Energy
Energy Resources - List 1 of 2
Energy Resources - List 2 of 2
Light & Heat - List 1 of 1
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Learning to use and understand fundamental vocabulary words from these science areas at the kindergarten level helps students succeed when advancing to First Grade science and beyond. The science games and activities are a great way to complement any kindergarten science curriculum. The straightforward definitions provide students with the necessary comprehension, as they begin exploring how the world works through science.

Students can be successful in science through the study, review, and drill and practice of elementary science terms used in context-rich sentences. Kindergartners love the interactive animated kindergarten science games, online review, and computer-based tests. Learning science can be so much fun!

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Science4Us is a complete online interactive curriculum.

Take a look at Science4Us.com's Kindergarten science demo activities and read about their Kindergarten online science curriculum.

Kindergarten Science Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

Kindergarten Scientific Inquiry

Actions: classify, combine, decrease, increase, alter, respond, freeze, melt, boil prevent, contract, expand, separate, mix, thaw, change, produce, grow, explore, create, sort, add, subtract, attempt, definite, imprint, magnify, map, share

Appearance: rough, appearance, color, combination, luster, shape size, smooth, texture, circle, circular, dull, rectangle, characteristics, shiny, surface, soft, straight, triangle

Behavior: made up of, characteristics, composition, gas, liquid, solid, temperature, heat, rust, cold, float, hot, magnetic, sink, slide, stronger, warm, weaker, observe

Direction: east, left, north, right, south, west, backward, direction, down, up, zigzag, across, back, angle, far, farther, forward, in front, through

Position: high, position, around, behind, outside, between, center, over, under,east, inside, left, location, north, below, above, right, south, west, away, bottom, close, closer, front, low, middle, near, next to, top

Properties: gas, liquid, solid, takes up space, mass, phase, property, science, material, matter, mixture, object, substance, volume, made up of

The Scientific Method: graph, record data, relationship, sequence, tally chart, compare, observe, test, measure, scientific method, bar graph, analyze, control, data, experiment, hypothesize, observation, variable, make conclusions, describe, investigate, science, teamwork, communicate, identify, imagine , pattern , predict, problem, trials

Kindergarten Matter

The Changes in Matter: alter, boil, evaporate, condense, freeze, melt, separate, combine, change, condensation, evaporation, phase, physical change, vibrate, dissolve, matter

The Properties of Matter: appearance, atom, color, dull, light, made up of, physical property, shiny, smooth, weight, takes up space, solid, shine, mixture, mass, liquid, hot, definite, cold, characteristics, composition, luster, matter, mix, property, rough, sink, size, texture, volume

Kindergarten Energy

Energy Resources: coal, fossil, gasoline, nonrenewable, plastic, resource , rubber, renewable , wind energy, fossil fuel, natural gas, energy, gas, recycle, reduce, reuse, rust, wood, battery

Light & Heat:absorb, heat, reflect, solar energy, temperature, light, light waves, refract, electricity

Kindergarten Motion

Direction Words: east, left , north, right, south, west, distance, across, direction, farther, backward, circular, forward, straight, through, up, zigzag, down

Force: attract, friction, horseshoe magnet, magnet, magnetism, movement, position, repel, away, force, iron, magnetic, metal, nonmagnetic, pull, ring magnet, bar magnet, gravity, location, magnetic field, motion, nonmetal, push

Position Words: east, left, north, right, south, west, inside, near, outside, above, location words, around, back, between, close, far, front, high, middle, under,behind, below, in front, bottom, center, closer, low, next to, over, top

Simple Machines: fixed point, inclined plane, level, rod, simple machine, wedge, fulcrum, machine, pulley, ramp, screw, wheel and axle, work

Kindergarten Space Science

The Moon: mass, gravity, motion, orbit, surface, calendar, waning, waxing, moon, beaming, first quarter moon, full moon, lunar, new moon, phase, reflect, shimmer, third quarter moon

The Planet Earth: mass, gravity, surface, gas, earth, environment, equator, sky, south pole, north pole, motion, orbit, revolve, night, poles, spaceship, time, autumn, seasons, day, fall, month, spring, summer, sunshine, winter

The Sun: mass, gas, heat energy, hot, light energy, light waves, shiny, Milky Way Galaxy, sun, revolve, heat, energy, light ray, galaxy, shine, solar system, space, star, sunlight, universe

The Universe: galaxy, light waves, Milky Way Galaxy, orbit, planets, star, sunlight, surface, time, universe

Kindergarten Earth Science

History of the Earth: earth, equator, expand, fossil, glacier, melt, movement, oxygen, rain, water

Resources: air pollution, garbage , heat energy, nonrenewable, nutrients, renewable , resource, oil, reuse, gas, fossil fuel, smog, water, wind energy, oxygen

Structures: core, flood, land, lava, mineral, movement, ocean, rock, stream, weathering, crust, earth, erosion, landform, mantle, mining, nonmetal, oil, sand, valley, cycle, earthquake, fossil fuels, glacier, lake, landslide, metal, mountain, river, volcano

The Water Cycle: water, cloud, melt, accumulation, condensation, evaporate, evaporation, water cycle

The Weather: air, cloud, heat , precipitation , sunshine, storm, sun, weather patterns, flood, hail, hot, rain, temperature, thaw, tropical climate, weather, melt, snow, sleet, sunlight, wind

Kindergarten Life Science

Animal Body Parts: claw, fin, flipper, fur, gills, paw, scale, tail

Animal Types: animal, zoology, amphibian, fish, mammal, reptile, bird, insect

Birds: beak, bird, egg, feather, fly, hatch, wing, talon

Body Functions: backbone, breathe, see, hear, jaw, lungs, feel, sense, skin

Ecosystems: conservation, ecosystem, endangered, location, nutrients, shelter, sunlight, pond, habitat, desert, forest, grassland, lake, ocean, river

Metamorphosis: wing, butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis, pupa, larva, metamorphosis

Plants: fruit, plant, seedling, soil, sprout, sunlight

Resources: conservation, environment, pollution, recover, resource, farm, recycle, air pollution, reduce, reuse, water, water cycle, water pollution, nutrient

The Environment: community, forest, ocean, pond, population, river, sand, land

The Food Chain: carnivore, consumer, energy, herbivore, predator, prey, producer, food chain

The Life Cycle: organism, growth, inherit, offspring, parent, life cycle, life form, trait

The Needs of Living Things: basic needs, oxygen, nutrients, water, living, nonliving, energy

The Parts of a Plant: flower, leaves, root, seed, stem, tree

The Weather: rain, water, water cycle, sunlight, climate , cloud, cold, wind

For a complete online Science curriculum in First Grade Science, Second Grade Science, Third Grade Science, Fourth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Science, Sixth Grade Science, or Seventh Grade Science visit Time4Learning.com.

Educational Science Games

Here are some fun Science Games from LearningGamesForKids by category: Science Songs, Science Videos, Science Experiment Videos, Space Games, Weather Games, or Science Experiment Games.

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