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VocabularySpellingCity provides these high school math word lists to teachers and parents to supplement the high school math curriculum. Using math vocabulary lists and interactive, educational games, high school math students can reinforce advanced math concepts learned in school. The games and lists are ready-to-use: just select any area and word list and then pick one of the 25 learning activities. The material for the games was specifically written for use in high school math classes.

The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core High School Math Standards. VocabularySpellingCity has selected level-appropriate academic vocabulary from all strands of high school math, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and probability. High school math teachers may choose to import these advanced math vocabulary lists into their own accounts and edit or augment them.

Click for more information on Math Vocabulary and the Common Core Standards in general. For information pertaining to 4th grade in particular, please refer to the chart above. To preview the definitions, select a list and use the Flash Cards. For help on using the site, watch one of our short videos on how to use the site.

High school math is one of the most demanding subjects students face during secondary school. Math concepts become more intricate and high school math vocabulary becomes more exacting. High school math students need every advantage possible to make comprehending advanced math easier. Using varying study methods with high school math terms, students can make concrete math connections that will enable them to successfully achieve in higher math. Limiting word acquisition and vocabulary comprehension to the use of a high school math dictionary robs students of the valuable opportunity to make concrete connections between various strands of math and real life.

The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core High School Math Standards. High school math vocabulary strands include algebra vocabulary, geometry vocabulary, trigonometry vocabulary, and high school pre-calculus vocabulary. High school calculus terms are also included in the vast array of words available for drill and practice in the high school math vocabulary lists below. Whether students need high school math help or introduction to college math terms, the targeted vocabulary lists offer various study options. From spelling to definitions and context rich sentences, drill and practice are available through a fun and entertaining approach. High school students can now even have some fun while studying advanced math!

High School Math Vocabulary
Words at a Glance:

Number & Quantity

The Real Number System: series, rational expression, equation, rational number, integer, notation, real number, exponent, nonzero, polynomial, matrix, rational, value, real number, factorial, solutions, properties, complex number, radical, vector

Quantities: volume, length, average, formula, origin, data, limitation, conversion, unit, modeling, accuracy, solutions, conjugate, graph, rates, measure, quantities, area, acceleration, scale, quantity, reasoning, quantitative data, volume by slicing, dimensional, calculus, magnitude, qualitative data, dimensional analysis, unit conversion

The Complex Number System: equation, complex number, binomial, distributive, real number, multiply, polynomial, add, whole number, conjugate, property, solutions, value, quotient, subtract, number, real number, divide, associative, complex number, quadratic formula, integrals, first derivative test, complex numbers, differentials, conjugate, real number, second derivative, absolute value, irrational numbers

Vector & Matrix Quantities: direction, determinant, transformation, matrix, absolute value, scalar multiple, integrals, magnitude, scalar, vector


Seeing Structure in Expressions: factor, square, quadratic, expression, coefficient, product, rewrite, minimum value, quantity, maximum value, manipulation, equivalent, permutation, geometric sequence, common ratio, sequences, Fibonacci, series, derive, factorial

Arithmetic with Polynomials & Rational Expressions: integer, expansion, graph, rational expression, rational number, binomial theorem, polynomial, factor, order of operations, coefficient, arithmetic, binomial, trinomial, monomial, solutions, absolute value, algebraic, combination, synthetic division, algebra

Creating Equations: graph, inequality, function, variable, rational function, linear function, coordinate axes, equation, quadratic function, solution, disjunction, domain, range, finite, conjunction, parabola, algebra, parent function, complex number, infinite, sequences, qualitative data, piecewise function, quantitative data, rational, rational expression, regression equation, frequency, radicand, real number

Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities: quadratic formula, inequality, real number, variable, equality, rational equation, matrix, complete the square, plot, simple equation, ordered pair, exponential, linear equation, solution, square root, factor, quadratic equation, coordinates, inverse, intersection, interval, domain, qualitative data, range, complement, quantitative data, proportion, compound, compound interest, solutions


Number & Quantity - Data Processing: structure, quantity, function, computation, diagram, empirical, statistics, assumptions, predictions, consequences

Number & Quantity - Expressions: algebraic, variables, geometric, algebraic, exponents, expression, parentheses, order of operations, operations, equivalence

Number & Quantity - Operations: integrals, second derivative, irrational numbers, absolute value, real number, rational expression, complex number, absolute extrema, vector, first derivative test

Number & Quantity - Analysis: analysis, data, conclusion, validate, graphical, reason, compare, tabular, report, essential

Algebra - Coordinates: coordinates, function, real number, value, number set, ordered pair, graph, plot, system, coordinate plane

Algebra - Equations: factor, order of operations, structure, expression, constant, variable, equivalent expression, equation, solution, convert

Algebra - Operations: inequality, parentheses, quantity, exponents, operations, expression, equivalence, computation, square, manipulation

Statistics & Probability: sample space, statistics, correlation coefficient, expected values, random variable, probability distribution, empirical, numerical value, regression line, probability concepts, negation, simulations, empirical rule, variance, contrapositive, interquartile range, frequency, conditional statement, standard deviation, conditional probability

Functions: algebraic expression, recursive rule, graph, exponential function, verbal rule, linear function, domain, numerical input, infer, numerical output, variable linear density, slope, implicit function, logarithmic function, converge, matrix, element, transcendental function, concavity, critical point

Geometry: cylinder, density, grid system, physical constraints, area, volume, tangent, prism, estimate, coordinate system, hyperbola, ellipse, circular sector, cusp, ellipsoid, helix, solid of revolution, paraboloid of revolution, asymptote, lamina

Statistics & Probability

Interpreting Categorical & Quantitative Data: function, variance, quantitative data, qualitative data, outlier, frequency, standard deviation, slope, sigma, interquartile range

Making Inferences & Justifying Conclusions: conditional probability, conclude, qualitative data, quantitative data, inference, empirical rule, infer, proof, variance, conclusion

Conditional Probability & the Rules of Probability: condition, conjunction, conditional statement, conditional probability, rule, disjunction, element, negation, probability, dependent variable

Using Probability to Make Decisions: contrapositive, probability, odds, conjunction, deducing, probable, reasoning, likelihood, disjunction, less likely


Interpreting Functions: transcendental function, finite, function, critical point, logarithmic function, domain, infinity, linear equation, range, infinite

Building Functions: integral, matrices, matrix, glide reflection, range, oblique, differentials, logarithm, domain, derivative, square matrix, intercept, slope, line graph, point slope form, radian measure, period, symmetry, parallel, variation

Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Models: distance formula, exponential, first derivative test, fractals, exponent, binomial theorem, Cramer's Rule, derivative, second derivative, integral, logarithm, velocity, linear, slope, quadratic formula, natural logarithm, lateral area, differentiation, hyperbola, parabola

Trigonometric Functions: step function, trigonometric identity, implicit function, trigonometric function, half angle formula, pythagorean, tangent, sine, cosine, double angle formula


Congruence: angle, diagonal, apothem, congruent, converse, equiangular, direction, magnitude, parallel, convex, trapezoid, rectangle, polygon, skew lines, perpendicular, supplementary, parallelogram, rhombus, scalar, vector

Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry: bisect, function, equilateral, convex, concurrent lines, cosine, bisector, centroid, concave, isosceles, oblique, concavity, pythagorean, sine, orthocenter, tangent line, trigonometric ratios, parallel, obtuse, scalene

Circles: circumscribed, circumcenter, arc, central angle, chord, circumference, centroid, circle, diameter, circles, sphere, foci, secant, focus, tangent, radius, radii, inscribed, locus, globe

Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations: perpendicular, scalene, slope, Pythagorean Theorem, perimeter, focus, ellipse, geometric mean, parallel, polygon

Geometric Measurement & Dimension: midpoint formula, altitude, concurrent lines, conic sections, lateral area, sphere, pyramid, centroid, coplanar, collinear

Modeling with Geometry: euclidean geometry, angle of elevation, biconditional statement, vector, theorem, conditional statement, angle of depression, geometric, construction, glide reflection

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