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Hickam Elementary School

Type: Public School

Grade Level: Elementary School

School District: Hawaii Dept Of Education

Street Address:

825 Manzelman Circle

City: Honolulu



Postal Code:




Registered Teachers*

Registered Parents

Josie Keyes for: Daralyn Hadden Veronica Cooper for: Hickam Elementary Grade1
Nuray Oconnell for: Rhonda Anduha Dylan Palumbo for: Rhonda Anduha
Matthew Hagerty for: Hickam 2nd Tiffany Gordon for: Hickam Second
Tanya Behunin for: Hickam Second Savannah Eschenroeder for: Hickam 3rd
Jason Godwin for: Hickam 2nd Aaron Wirtz for: Hickam 2nd and Hickam Second
Kristin Holstein for: Daralyn Hadden Sallie Koenig for: Hickam 2nd
Tim Clark for: Hickam 2nd Leviste Abasta for: Dara Hadden
Sandra Conroy for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Nicole Stallsmith for: Daralyn Hadden and Dara Hadden and Hickam Elementary Grade1
Caroline Ramsay Stephanie Ewert for: Hickam 3rd and Hickam Elementary Grade1
Julio Perryman for: Hickam 2nd and Carol Kawano Alicia Palmer for: Hickam Elementary Grade1
Josie Johnson for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Liz Clements for: Hickam 3rd
Carl Small for: Carol Kawano Melinda Finch for: Daralyn Hadden and Hickam Elementary Grade1
Andrea Palacios for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Molly Fitzgerald
Everly Willis for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Stephen Quinn for: Hickam 2nd
Karen Goldstein Patricia Johnson for: Hickam Elementary Grade1
Heather Uhl for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Heather Uhl for: Hickam Elementary Grade1
Erica Keammerer for: Hickam Elementary Grade1 Shannon Ayers for: Hickam Second

School Administrator: This school does not have an administrator learn more.

School Administrator

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