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Grading Writing Practice

Students of Premium Members can submit their Sentence Writing Practice and Paragraph Writing Practice activites electronically to their teachers. Teachers can assign scores for individual sentences or paragraphs, and even have the option of adding comments or emoticons. Scores are automatically recorded for the teacher and accessible to students through "My Records" in the students' Toolbox.

To grade a student's writing practice activities:

  • Log into your account.
  • Select Writing from your Toolbox.
  • Click on the username of the student whose work you'd like to grade.
  • Click on the Activity name for the list you'd like to grade.
  • Assign a score to each sentence or paragraph, plus add comments and emoticons if you wish.
  • Click Save

The score will immediately appear in the student's My Records section.

You can print or download a Class Activity Report showing the number of activites each student has completed or click on a student's username to print or download a detailed Student Activity Report for that student, showing the grades received on each completed writing practice activity.

Common FAQs - Grading Writing Practice

I can see how many activities each student has completed, but how can I access each student's activity so that I can grade it?

To grade a student's writing practice activity, click on the student's username and then click on the activity name for the list you wish to grade.

Can I allow my students to choose 10 out of 20 words to write sentences for? Will the words they omit be counted against them?

If you assign a score only to the sentences completed, those omitted will not be counted toward the final average. Simply leave the scores for the omitted sentences "-".

Copy and paste

How do students view their writing practice scores?

Students can view their scores by logging into their accounts on a computer and selecting My Records from their Toolbox or they can log into the app, click the blue box with their name, then select See Records.

Can a student resubmit a writing practice activity that has already been graded?

No. Writing practice activities may only be submitted once. They cannot be revised and resubmitted to the teacher. A new activity must be started.

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