Sentence Writing Practice


The standards correlation for this activity is coming soon!

Sentence Writing Practice allows students to practice writing meaningful sentences using spelling and vocabulary words.

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Sentence Writing Practice allows you to create and type in a sentence for each one of your spelling or vocabulary words. Click the Done button when you are finished. You will have an opportunity to review and edit each sentence before you submit your work. Once you click the Submit button, you may create a PDF of your sentences to print out for your teacher or save and keep for your records. For students of Premium Members, clicking Submit will submit the writing practice activity electronically to their teacher or parent for review and grading. Using spelling words in sentences is not only a great way to polish sentence writing skills and reinforce spelling, but also a fantastic way to practice using words in context, as well as grammar and sentence structure practice. Sentence Writing Practice may be completed online or may be printed as sentence writing practice worksheets.

Sentence Writing Practice Instructions: To begin this sentence writing activity, simply click in the first blank.