Sentence Unscramble


The standards correlation for this activity is coming soon!

In Sentence Unscramble, students arrange spelling and vocabulary words to make a contextually correct sentence.

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Building Literacy

Sentence Unscramble builds the early literacy skill of Phonological Awareness by accurately identifying and correctly arranging written words to form a sentence that has been read aloud.
This activity correlates to the educational Reading Standard: Foundational Skills.

An awareness that sentences can be broken down into words and those words carry meaning. Once students are able to complete these types of tasks, they will be ready to work with onsets and rimes, and eventually, individual phonemes.

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The object of Sentence Unscramble is to place the words in the correct order to form a complete sentence.

Sentence Unscramble Instructions - To begin, choose a scene for the activity, then click the "Play" button. Next, click the words in order, or click and drag them into the box. To rearrange the words within the box, simply click on the word you wish to move and drag and drop it into its new position. Click the "Sentence" button to hear the sentence read aloud. Click the "Hear It" button to hear the sentence you have created read aloud. Sentence Unscramble is available as an online sentence anagram activity or you may create a printableSentence Unscramble worksheet. Sentence Unscramble is very similar to our word jumble activity Word Unscramble, except instead of rearranging letters to form a word, in this sentence jumble activity, you rearrange words to form a complete sentence.