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In Crossword, students solve a traditional crossword puzzle that uses contextual sentences as the clues for each word.

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Crossword is an online crossword puzzle game using the words and content from your list. Make a crossword puzzle that uses content created especially for your students by entering your word list and customizing the sentences!

Crossword Instructions: To begin, read the first clue in the Across box, then click in the first box for that clue and begin typing your answer (make sure that the correct direction - across or down - is highlighted). You can also click in the first box for any clue on the puzzle, and the clue will be highlighted in the Across or Down. Click the Hint button to be given one letter of the word. When you finish entering all of the words, click Check Answer to see if you have successfully solved the crossword puzzle! Click the speaker icon for instructions. Click the up and down arrows to scroll through the clues. Premium Crossword is available as an online activity, or you can create your own crossword printable.