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Fourth grade science vocabulary is not only an important part of the science curriculum, but it is useful in enriching students’ general knowledge of science. Those who struggle with a science concept can become more comfortable with fourth grade science words through drill and practice. The repetition is required for students to feel confident with more complex and challenging definitions.

Vocabulary study through games and activities is a great way to bolster understanding. When students can apply meaning from key vocabulary definitions to real-life contexts, their grasp of fourth grade science becomes stronger. This provides the necessary basis upon which they can build their scientific inquiry and explore connectivity. Using the extensive, targeted elementary science word lists below, students can play science games, hear how the words are pronounced, and review knowledge acquisition through online testing. More beneficial than a traditional fourth grade dictionary, these lists include words relating to scientific method, life science terms, astronomy terms, and many more science concepts.

4th Grade Science Lists

Summary Word Lists

7 lists

Scientific Inquiry

7 lists


3 lists


2 lists


3 lists

Space Science

5 lists

Earth Science

9 lists

Life Science

13 lists

4th Grade Science Summary Lists
Scientific Inquiry
Space Science
Earth Science
Life Science
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4th Grade Energy
Electricity - List 1 of 2
Electricity - List 2 of 2
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4th Grade Motion
Force - List 1 of 2
Force - List 2 of 2
Simple Machines - List 1 of 1
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Categories are provided at a glance (see “Summary Lists” below) or in extended form in the following categories: Scientific Inquiry, Matter, Energy, Motion, Space, Earth, and Life Science. VocabularySpellingCity helps augment fourth grade science lessons by making the study of science words enjoyable and entertaining!

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Science4Us is a sister site of VocabularySpellingCity which provides an elementary science program for physical science, earth and space science, and life sciences. Sample their free science songs and lessons for early elementary.

4th Grade Science Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

4th Grade Scientific Inquiry

Descriptors: acid, base, element, mass, observe, position, resource, temperature, pH,indicator, volume, scientist, renewable, nonrenewable, physical property, chemical property, nonrenewable, magnetic, conductivity, attraction

Processes: chemical change, communicate, conservation of mass, evidence, gather data, identify, infer, model, record data, theory, dependent variable, focus, hypothesize, data, predict, scientific method, classify, investigation, conclude, inference, balance, classification, compare, constant, data point, experiment, hypothesis, independent variable, measure, variable

Tools: balance, celsius, graduated cylinder, hand lens, liter, meterstick, microscope, thermometer, volume, Fahrenheit, telescope, milliliter, metric system, meter, kilogram, gram, balance, model, centimeter, beaker

4th Grade Matter

The Changes in Matter: change of state, chemical change, evaporation, sublimation, combustion, physical change, solution, condensation, freeze, melt

The Properties of Matter: atom, attraction, conductor, gas, insulator, mass, metal, model, solution, weight, acid, base, conservation of mass, element, liquid, matter, mixture, oxygen, volume

4th Grade Energy

Electricity: circuit, electricity, energy, heat, light, energy transfer, resistor, sound wave, volume, direct current, electric current, electromagnet, insulator, kinetic energy, parallel circuit, potential energy, series circuit, static electricity, transverse wave, battery

4th Grade Motion

Force: acceleration, conductor, effort force, frame of reference, gravity, magnet, magnetic pole, newton, relative motion, unbalanced force, balanced force, electromagnet, force, friction, inertia, magnetic field, motion, position, speed, work

Simple Machines: fulcrum, inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, simple machine, wedge, wheel and axle, load, work

4th Grade Space Science

The Planet Earth: axis, equator, gravity, planet, revolution, satellite, solar system, tilt of the axis, waning, waxing, wax, wane, tide, sun, season, rotation, reflection, orbit, moon phases, meteor

The Universe: asteroid, constellation, gas, inner planets, model, orbit, prominence, satellite, space, sunspots, astronomy, crater, gas giants, meteoroid, moon, outer planets, reflection, rotation, star, supernatural, comet, galaxy, gravitational force, Milky Way Galaxy, observe, planet, revolution, solar system, sun, universe

4th Grade Earth Science

Earthquakes: crust, pressure, continental drift, fault line. oceanic crust, seismograph, shock waves, subduction zone, compression, earthquake, earthquake focus, epicenter, fault, plate, plate tectonics, transverse wave, tsunami

Formation: deposition, erosion, glacier, sediment, storm surge, tide, weathering, gravity, sedimentary rock, soil composition

History of the Earth: active volcano, compression, continental crust, continental drift, convection, earthquake, fossil, glacier, magma, plate tectonics

Inside the Earth: volcano, continental crust, convection, igneous rock, magma chamber, rock cycle, vent, oceanic crust, axis, core, crust, equator, inner core, mantle, outer core

Landforms: boundary, cave, crater, dome volcano, ridge, topography, volcano, map

Processes: atmosphere, climate, convection, drought, flood, front, greenhouse effect, humidity, lithosphere, water cycle

Minerals: deposition, hardness, luster, metamorphic rock, mineral, rift, sedimentary rock, stalactite, stalagmite, streak

4th Grade Life Science

Animals: arthropod, camouflage, invertebrate, mammal, metamorphosis, mollusk, vertebrate, amphibian

Body Systems: digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal system, heart, nerve

Classification - Kingdoms: kingdom, diversity, plants, animals, moneran, protist, reptile, fungi, taxonomy, classify

Ecology: camouflage, classification, decomposer, energy pyramid, habitat, natural resource, oxygen, population, primary consumer, succession, water cycle, secondary consumer, producer, predator, photosynthesis, migration, herbivore, energy transfer, ecosystem, community, carnivore, consumer, endangered species, food chain, mimicry, nutrient, pollution, prey, recycling, shelter

Ecosystems and Resources: endangered species, population, classification, heredity, inherited traits, photosynthesis, community, migration, mimicry, oxygen, nonrenewable, nutrient, shelter, natural resource, pollution, succession, renewable resource, recycling, habitat, ecosystem

Living Things: fertilization, life cycle, offspring, organism, parent, sexual reproduction, spore, variation, cell

Organs: cell, organ, tissue, esophagus, large intestine, stomach, brain, lungs, small intestine

Plants: germinate, germination, nonvascular plant, pollen, pollination, transpiration, vascular plant, chlorophyll

The Energy Pyramid: herbivore, prey, food chain, energy transfer, consumer, carnivore, energy pyramid, decomposer, producer, predator

The Environment: adaptation, ecosystem, species, environment, migration, biotic, abiotic, niche, resources, camouflage

For a complete online Science curriculum in First Grade Science, Second Grade Science, Third Grade Science, Fourth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Science, Sixth Grade Science, or Seventh Grade Science visit Time4Learning.com.

Educational Science Games

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