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Energy Word Lists
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Kindergarten Energy
Energy Resources - List 1 of 2
Energy Resources - List 2 of 2
Light & Heat - List 1 of 1
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2nd Grade Energy
Electricity - List 1 of 1
Energy - Calories - List 1 of 1
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3rd Grade Energy
Electricity - List 1 of 2
Electricity - List 2 of 2
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4th Grade Energy
Electricity - List 1 of 2
Electricity - List 2 of 2
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6th Grade Energy
Energy Types - List 1 of 2
Energy Types - List 2 of 2
Energy and Waves - List 1 of 1
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The study of energy includes sources of energy, forms of energy, units of measurement, and even the study of the periodic table. Early on, students are required to demonstrate competency in elementary school science standards, complete elementary school science fair projects, and take elementary school science tests. With energy as with any other science topic, mastery of specialized scientific vocabulary words is one key to success.

Even before the middle school science curriculum dictates, 4th grade science lesson plans require students to make the connection between abstract science terminology and real-life concrete applications. A great way to make these connections is by learning elementary science vocabulary through a fun and engaging medium.

The science vocabulary lists target the specific elementary school science core curriculum topics regarding energy and the corresponding middle school science definitions, providing them via a fun and effective educational tool. Students can play elementary school science games, print middle school science worksheets, and hear the correct pronunciation of middle school science words spoken in contextual sentences. With all of these options, students enjoy expending energy learning!

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Energy Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

Kindergarten Energy

Energy Resources: coal, fossil, gasoline, nonrenewable, plastic, resource , rubber, renewable , wind energy, fossil fuel, natural gas, energy, gas, recycle, reduce, reuse, rust, wood, battery

Light & Heat:absorb, heat, reflect, solar energy, temperature, light, light waves, refract, electricity

1st Grade Energy

Electricity: battery, electricity, speed, wave, weaker, energy transfer, interaction

Energy Flow: circuit, energy, energy flow, energy system, heat gain, heat loss, model energy system, solar energy

Fossil Fuels: coal, earth, fossil, fossil fuel, gasoline, natural gas, nonrenewable, plastic, rubber

Heat Energy: absorb, reflect, shortest, solar energy, heat gain, heat loss, hot, longest, wave, sun, freezing, heat, melt, temperature, thermometer

Light Energy: speed, absorb, light, light ray, longest, reflect refract, shortest, transparent, visible

Renewable Resources: solar energy, renewable, reuse, water energy, wind energy, wood, water cycle, resource, earth, wave, aquarium, natural resource, recycle, reduce, sun, terrarium

Sound Energy: absorb, longest, shortest, wave, speed, sound wave, soft, hear, loud, pitch, sound, vibration, volume

2nd Grade Energy

Electricity: circuit, coal, electricity, fossil fuel, heat energy, light, nonrenewable, power, renewable, electric current

Energy - Calories: calories,energy, heat gain, model energy system, nutrients,nutrition, resource, digestion, power, heat loss

3rd Grade Energy

Electricity: conduction, energy, heat, insulator, kinetic energy, light energy, potential energy, radiation, temperature, transfer, conductor, convection, electricity, energy transfer, heat transfer, light, radiant energy, reflection, sound wave, thermal energy

4th Grade Energy

Electricity: circuit, electricity, energy, heat, light, energy transfer, resistor, sound wave, volume, direct current, electric current, electromagnet, insulator, kinetic energy, parallel circuit, potential energy, series circuit, static electricity, transverse wave, battery

5th Grade Energy

Electricity: electricity, dry cell, battery terminal, electric charge, electromagnet, electron, negative charge, positive charge, circuit, resistor, hydroelectric energy, electric current, static electricity, electric force, filament, insulator, parallel circuit, series circuit, short circuit

Energy Resources: hydroelectric energy, solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, resource, reusable resource, radiation, biomass, fossil fuels, natural gas, nonrenewable resource, recycling, renewable resource

Energy Types: compression, convection, energy, energy transfer, magnetism, radiation, thermal energy, tidal energy, transformation of energy, chemical energy, electricity, kinetic energy, law of conservation of energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy, potential energy, solar energy, sound energy, wind energy, conduction

Heat Energy: radiation, solar energy, waves, reflection, wave length, geothermal energy, conduction, convection, thermal energy

Light Energy: radiation, solar energy, waves, light energy, light year, wave length, reflection, ultraviolet light, convex, concave, lens, opaque, refraction, transparent

Sound Energy: waves, wave length, sound energy, frequency, pitch, sound wave, vibrations, volume

6th Grade Energy

Energy Types: chemical potential energy, heat convection, mechanical energy, potential energy, chemical energy, convection, conduction, kinetic energy, thermal energy,renewable energy, gravitational potential, electrical conductor, simple circuit, newton, natural resource, fossil fuel, radiation, elastic potential, solar cell, wind energy

Energy & Waves: energy efficiency, amplitude,wave, conservation of energy, net force, trough, frequency, force, crest, energy transformation

7th Grade Energy

Electrical Circuits: alternating current, direct current, efficiency, electric current, induction, neutral, parallel circuit, insulator, watt, power, Ohm's law, ampere, kilowatt, resistance, resistor, series circuit, short circuit, transformer, volt

Electricity: voltage, electric charge, electric field, electric force, electric potential, electric power, sensor, static charge, static electricity, circuit

Energy Types & Processes: conduction, convection, electromagnetic radiation, hydroelectric, energy, hydrogen fuel cell, law of electric charges, nuclear fission

Heat Energy: sensor, wavelength, conduction, convection, absolute zero, calorie, endothermic, exothermic, joule, F

Light Energy: sensor, amplitude , crest , diffraction, prism, reflection, refraction, spectrum, trough, wavelength

Sound Energy: amplitude, crest , longitudinal wave, trough, wavelength, diffraction, doppler effect, interference, vibration

8th Grade Energy

Electromagnetism: electromagnet, electromagnetic spectrum, interference, magnetic field, polarization,, transverse wave, trough, frequency, amplitude, wavelength

Heat Energy: thermal energy, calorie, conduction, convection, joule, radiation

Kinetic Energy: horsepower, kinetic theory of matter, mechanical energy, potential energy, power, thermal energy, watt, work, kinetic energy

Light Energy: primary pigments, prism, refraction, diffuse reflection, polarization, optics, diffraction, law of reflection, fluorescence, regular reflection, bioluminescence, fiber optics, gamma rays, incandescence, infrared light, luminescence, concave, convex, focal length, focal point

Sound Energy: interference, acoustics, amplification, amplitude, decibel, resonance

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