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Ecology Word Lists
Biogeochemical Cycles 3 lists
Earth 3 lists
Ecosystems 3 lists
Energy 1 list
Environmental Science 1 list
Human Impact 3 lists
Natural Resource Management 2 lists
Natural Selection 1 list
Population Ecology 2 lists
Scientific Inquiry 3 lists
Species 2 lists
The Climate/Weather 2 lists
Trophic Interactions 2 lists
Waste Management 2 lists

Biogeochemical Cycles
Biogeochemical Cycles - List 1 of 3
Biogeochemical Cycles - List 2 of 3
Biogeochemical Cycles - List 3 of 3
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Earth - List 1 of 3
Earth - List 2 of 3
Earth - List 3 of 3
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Ecosystems - List 1 of 3
Ecosystems - List 2 of 3
Ecosystems - List 3 of 3
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Energy - List 1 of 1
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Environmental Science
Environmental Science - List 1 of 1
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Human Impact
Human Impact - List 1 of 3
Human Impact - List 2 of 3
Human Impact - List 3 of 3
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Natural Resource Management
Natural Resource Management - List 1 of 2
Natural Resource Management - List 2 of 2
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Natural Selection
Natural Selection - List 1 of 1
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Population Ecology
Population Ecology - List 1 of 2
Population Ecology - List 2 of 2
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Scientific Inquiry
Scientific Inquiry - List 1 of 3
Scientific Inquiry - List 2 of 3
Scientific Inquiry - List 3 of 3
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Species - List 1 of 2
Species - List 2 of 2
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The Climate/Weather
The Climate/Weather - List 1 of 2
The Climate/Weather - List 2 of 2
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Trophic Interactions
Trophic Interactions - List 1 of 2
Trophic Interactions - List 2 of 2
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Waste Management
Waste Management - List 1 of 2
Waste Management - List 2 of 2
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Science Vocabulary Lists
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Kindergarten Science Words
1st Grade Science Words
2nd Grade Science Words
3rd Grade Science Words
4th Grade Science Words
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Ecology is the environmental science that investigates the interactions and relationships of chemical, physical, and life constituents within ecosystems, however small (such as the base of a tree) or vast (such as the Sahara desert). As such, whether in an advanced placement science class or college prep science course, teaching high school ecology borrows vocabulary from math, chemistry, physics, biology, and geography. It includes new science words, novel word combinations, and application-based science definitions.

This scientific integration requires a firm anchoring in science vocabulary to meet the high school core curriculum science standards. The comprehensive science word lists reinforce teaching goals by enabling students to revisit difficult vocabulary in context at their own pace.

The challenging online high school educational games and printable worksheets allow further repetition in a stimulating and fun atmosphere. This enhances students' ability to communicate in scientific terms, allowing them to create advanced high school science fair projects with real life application to today's ecological and environmental problems. VocabularySpellingCity is proud to be part of educating the next generation of ecological problem solvers.

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Ecology Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

High School Ecology

Biogeochemical Cycles: carbon cycle, photosynthesis, nitrogen cycle, permafrost, phosphorus cycle, recharge zone, reservoir, salinity, water cycle, watershed, biotic, abiotic, acid precipitation, age structure, fossil fuels, groundwater, pH, precipitation, subsidence, topsoil, cellular respiration, biosphere, eutrophication, freshwater, lithosphere, ozone hole, ozone layer, stratosphere, surface water, troposphere

Earth: aesthenosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, erosion, mineral, ozone layer, precipitation, river system, tectonic plate, water cycle, barrier island, climate, desertification, freshwater, lithosphere, ore, permeability, stratosphere, topsoil, watershed, aquifer, benthic zone, coral reef, ecosystem, geosphere, mantle, porosity, recharge zone, surface water, troposphere

Ecosystems: desert, estuary, mangrove swamp, river system, savannah, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, tundra, habitat, biomass, canopy, climax community, primary succession, secondary succession, understory, chaparral, salt marsh, temperate grassland, temperate rain forest, benthic zone, biodiversity, biome, climate, community, littoral zone, niche, wetland, ecosystem, benthos

Energy: nuclear energy, biomass fuel, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, alternative energy, ocean thermal energy, conversion, fuel cell, energy efficiency, energy conservation

Environmental Science: environmental science, greenhouse effect, endemic species, threatened species, endangered species, pioneer species, keystone species, global warming, greenhouse gases

Human Impact: agriculture, aquaculture, arable land, domesticated, groundwater, livestock, pesticide, heat island, rural, overgrazing, environmental science, artificial selection, ecotourism, exotic species, global warming, overharvesting, poaching, urban sprawl, urban, cultural eutrophication, petroleum, risk assessment, smog, undeveloped country, urbanization, economics, developed country

Natural Resource Management: artificial eutrophication, fossil fuels, freshwater, reservoir, deep well injection, natural resource, reclamation, smelting, sustainability, greenhouse effect, deforestation, desertification, oil reserve, potable, recycling, reforestation, subsurface mining, surface mining, biodegradable, compost

Natural Selection: species, adaptation, evolution, gene, migration, natural selection, resistance, risk assessment, survivorship

Population Ecology: competition, population, adaptation, keystone species, carrying capacity, demographic transition, demography, ecological succession, ecology, growth rate, fertility rate, predation, migration, survivorship, dispersion, epidemiology, exotic species, exponential growth, life expectancy, reproductive potential

Scientific Inquiry: distribution, experimental group, genetic engineering, global positioning system, hypothesis, land use planning, model, sample, variable, yield, control group, data, ecological footprint, environmental impact statement, geographic information system, GPS, irrigation, law of supply and demand, observation, vector, correlation, desalination, endangered species act, experiment, GIS, habitat conservation plan, kyoto protocol, lobbying prediction, value

Species: angiosperm, endemic species, epiphyte, gymnosperm, invertebrate, organism, pathogen, plankton, species, vertebrate, bacteria, endangered species, fungus, nekton, nitrogen fixing bacteria, protist, threatened species

The Climate/Weather: precipitation, water cycle, climate, condensation, conduction, convection, evaporation, latitude, ozone hole, el nino, la nina, temperature inversion, hurricane, altitude, storm surge, ozone layer

Trophic Interactions: cellular respiration, photosynthesis, pathogen, biomagnification, food chain, host, parasitism, population, symbiosis, trophic level, biomass, commensalism, competition, consumer, decomposer, food web, mutualism,predation, producer

Waste Management: acid precipitation, greenhouse gases, acid shock, CFCs, hazardous waste, non-point source pollution, point source pollution, solid waste, water pollution, toxicology, eutrophication, land fill, leachate, municipal solid waste, pollution, primary pollutant, secondary pollutant, thermal pollution, waste water, air pollution

For a complete online Science curriculum in First Grade Science, Second Grade Science, Third Grade Science, Fourth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Science, Sixth Grade Science, or Seventh Grade Science visit Time4Learning.com.

Educational Science Games

Here are some fun Science Games from LearningGamesForKids by category: Science Songs, Science Videos, Science Experiment Videos, Space Games, Weather Games, or Science Experiment Games.

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