Hi, I’m the founder and president of VocabularySpellingCity and Science4Us. Around the office, they sometimes call me the Mayor.

VocabularySpellingCity is a supplementary ELA service which is especially useful in elementary schools but used in middle and high schools. The mission is to use technology to:

Students are Empowered by a Practice Test

Students like the Practice Test; it’s formative assessment for them.

  • John Edelson

    The Mayor loves to visit schools and hear directly from teachers and students

    Engage and empower students.  VocabularySpellingCity empowers students to do their own formative assessment which is dramatically emnpowering and engaging.  It’s hard for students to figure out if they have mastered a list of words and are ready for a vocabulary or spelling test. With VocabularySpellingCity, they can figure through the always-available practice tests whether they’ve achieved mastery or not, the can tell if they still have more progress to make.

  • Build literacy skills in an integrated holistic fashion with a focus on vocabulary-building and sound-letter correspondence.  Having trouble with a word? Let’s study its meaning, sounds, or try to write a sentence with it. Students learn how words are used in context.
    • Save teachers lots of time. Classroom time and homework (grading and recording and printing) time.VocabularySpellingCity is a powerful tool for building literacy skills. It enables teachers to deliver their curriculum in a manner that allows for differentiation. Without our site, it’s nearly impossible for a single teacher to successfully teach three different sets of word lists (approaching-, at-, or above-grade level), as the major reading series (Treasures, Reading Street, Reading Wonders) prescribe. And while the idea of teaching with individualized lists, using the method employed by Words Their Way seems great, it requires a massive amount of work by a teacher every week.  But with VocabularySpellingCity’s Review Lists feature, creating individualized word lists for each student is simple. Students can then study the words that they need additional practice with through a rotation at a literacy center equipped with Chromebooks, PCs, iPads, or Android tablets.

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The Mayor loves to visit schools and hear directly from teachers and students.

About Me

John Edelson is the president and founder of Vkidz Inc which includes VocabularySpellingCity, Science4Us, RetroEdTech.com, and other educational services.  He serves on the Advisory Board for the Florida Atlantic University School of Education.  He is a passionate leader in the Ranger GoodWorks support of Dillard Elementary School, a school with a population that is 99% free or reduced lunch but which is successfully beating the odds to deliver good student outcomes to its 850+ students.  He has been in the educational and ed tech industry full time since 2002.

He has a long involvement in interactive software, games, and simulations, starting with his years at Silicon Graphics in the late ’80s and early ’90s. At The 3DO Company in the early and mid ’90s, he was involved in the generational video game transition from 2D sprite graphics to games with real-time 3D photorealistic graphics and physics engines.

Mr. Edelson was the producer on Croc, Legend of the Gobos, a Sony Playstation game that went Platinum. He was the turn-around manager at Argonaut – a 100-person diversified games and technology company in London. He managed it for two years, improving quality, growth, and profitability. He spun-out and joined ARC, a new company in the semiconductor intellectual property industry. Mr. Edelson, as Senior Vice President of ARC, helped the company grow from 10 to 300 people. He consulted to Vcom3D, an educational software company for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as Time2Read, an educational software company providing standards-based online programs to elementary school systems. Mr. Edelson has previous professional experience at MID Consulting and Price Waterhouse.

John Edelson has a BA cum laude from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He served in the Peace Corps in West Africa for two years. As the proud father of three children, Mr. Edelson has a deep interest in improving education through technology.



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  • May 10, 2016 at 7:39 am

    I am as retired (American) English teacher (US, Saudi Arabia, Thailand both college and high school levels). I am married to a Thai and have lived in Thailand for ten years. One of my wife’s daughters will be going to Rajabhat in Lop Buri in a couple of months. I would like to teach on a part time basis preferably on-line (Time4Writing or WIZIQ). I prefer older students or professionals.

    I keep a poetry blog at http://www.Forrestgreenwood.blogspot.com I also have a novel and novella (Pi Lok, The Specter on Smashwords.com) is about Thailand (sort of). Maybe your blog would like to publish a poem?

    Any ideas on collaboration or help would be appreciated. I’m on Facdbook and SKYPE so we could easily talk.

    Thank you for reading. Forest Greenwood

    PS: I ws trying to get someone at Rajabhat University (where I have taught) but you are not in Thailand, are you?


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