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Premium Members can create customized assignments for individual students, groups of students, or an entire class.

In order to create an assignment, you must first have lists saved on your List Management page and you must also have added students.

To create a new Assignment, select Assignments from your Premium Toolbox, then click the Create A New Assignment link. For FAQs about creating assignments, click here.

To view your students' progress on Assignments, select the Assignment Progress link. For FAQs about Assignment Progress, click here.

As with lists and students, you can also group your assignments. To do so, select Create Group.

You also have the option to Delete All Assignments from the Assignments: Management page at the end of the quarter, semester or school year.

Create Assignments

Common FAQs - Assignments

Can I change the order of the activities in my assignment?

Yes, as long as no students have begun to work on the assignment. To change the order, hover over the activity you want to move, and click and drag it to the desired location. Once a student has started the assignment, activities cannot be changed.

Can change my assignment once I have saved it?

Yes, you can edit any part of your assignment as long as no students have started the assignment. Keep in mind, however, once a student has started the assignment, you will only be able to edit the students, assignment name, instructions and due date of a saved Assignment.

Do students have to complete the activities in the order assigned?

No, you can choose whether you want your students to create the activities in the order assigned or whether they can complete the Assignment in any order. To adjust the Activity Sequence Requirement for your Assignments, click the black gear icon in the Help box within the Assignments section. Check the box if you want students to complete activities in the order assigned or uncheck the box next to allow students to complete the activities in the order of their choice.

My student says he completed the activity, but it is not being marked off so that he can continue on through the assignment. Why is that?

Assignment ActivityChances are, your student completed the activity listed within the assignment as an independent activity instead of clicking on the activity link within the green Assignments box. To determine if this is the case, click on Students in your Toolbox, then click on the student's username. Any activities completed as part of an assignment will include "Assignment" as part of the activity name. Also, please remind your students that they must go all the way to the end of the activity in order for the activity to be marked as complete

If you'd like, you can manually mark activities as complete. To do so, click the Assignments Progress link on the Assignments page. Click on the progress (x of x Complete) for the student/list for which you'd like to review the activities. Check off the activity and select Mark Completed. Alternately, if you'd like a student to have extra practice on a particular activity, you can choose Mark Incomplete and it will reappear in his/her Assignment list.

Can my students complete their assignments on an iPad?

Yes! Students of Premium Members can access their assignments by logging in through any of our mobile apps. Please note that when you create your assignments, activities that are not compatibile with our app are indicated by an icon. If you include any of these activities as part of the assignment, the students will need to either complete them on a computer or through the Safari browser on the iPad, provided an app enabling Flash has been installed on the device.

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