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Creating Assignments

Premium Members can create customized assignments for individual students, groups of students, or an entire class.

In order to create an assignment, you must first have lists saved on your List Management page and you must also have students added to your account.

To create a new Assignment, select Assignments from your Premium Toolbox, then click the Create A New Assignment link. Select A Word List and choose which list you want to use for the assignment. Then Select Activities you want your students to complete using that list. Please note that activities not compatible with our mobile apps are indicated by an icon. Each selected activity will appear in the box to the right, where you can also reorder or delete that selected activity by placing your cursor over the activity and clicking and dragging it to reorder it or clicking the red trash can to delete it.

If you frequently assign the same activities, you can save your selected activities as a preset for easy access the next time you create an assignment. To do so, click Save as Preset and name your preset.

Assign to Students allows you to select which students you would like to complete the assignment. You can choose your entire class, select groups, or individual students.

Finally, you can Add Assignment Details. Here you can name your assignment (it will automatically be named the same as your list name), add custom instructions if you wish, and even set a due date.

Create Assignments

Common FAQs - Creating Assignments

Do students have to complete the activities in the order assigned?

No, you can choose whether you want your students to create the activities in the order assigned or whether they can complete the Assignment in any order. To adjust the Activity Sequence Requirement for your Assignments, click the black gear icon in the Help box within the Assignments section. Check the box if you want students to complete activities in the order assigned or uncheck the box next to allow students to complete the activities in the order of their choice.

Can I create an Assignment using an unpublished list?

Yes, both published and unpublished lists may be used to create an assignment.

My students use the iPad app to complete Assignments. Is there a way to ensure that all of the activities I choose are compatible with the app?

Yes, when creating an assignment, under Select Activities, you will notice an icon next to each activity that is not available on mobile devices. This makes it easy to ensure that all activities assigned may be completed through the app.

I just added a new student to my class and she is not seeing the Assignment I created for my class when she logs in. Why is this happening?

Please note that if a new student is added to your account after an Assignment has been created and saved, you will need to add the student to the assignment. To do so, log into your account, select Assignments from your Premium Toolbox, find the assignment and click Edit under Actions, select Edit Assigned Students, and check off the new student's name. She will then have access to the assignment when she logs in.

Can change my assignment once I have saved it?

Yes, you can edit any part of your assignment as long as no students have started the assignment. Keep in mind, however, once a student has started the assignment, you will only be able to edit the students, assignment name, instructions and due date of a saved Assignment.

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