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Administrator Overview FAQ

Administrator OverviewIf you are the administrator of your school's or district's VocabularySpellingCity account or have been set as a co-administrator by the account administrator, upon logging in, you will notice an Administrator Toolbox in the upper right-hand corner of each VocabularySpellingCity page. A brief overview is given for many of the links in your Administrator Toolbox, on the Toolbox FAQ page. The Administrator Toolbox contains one link - Account Administration - that is unique to account administrators. See below for a run-down of the features available to account administrators, followed by a list of frequently asked questions. Note: You must be logged in to see your Administrator Toolbox.

Account Administration

Premium Members who have been appointed as the administrator for their school's account (as well as teachers who have been granted administrative privileges by the account administrator) will see this option in their Administrator Toolbox. This is the place where they can manage their school's account, view school or district reports, grant administrative privileges, share licenses with teachers, and add students via a Student Bucket Upload.

  • Add Teachers/Share Licenses - Select registered teachers to share your licenses with or upload a CSV file containing data to create new teacher accounts for those who are not regiestered.
  • Grant Administrative Privileges - Click here to share administrative privileges with one other teacher in your school by making him/her a proxy.
  • School/District Report - Click here to view detailed reports including number of teachers registered to each school, number of lists saved, last login, etc., plus detailed student activity data for each student in your school or district.
  • Sample CSV - Click here to download templates to record student or teacher data in order to create new accounts.
  • Sharing Privileges - The yellow box on the Account Administration page shows the number of shares available to you based upon the number of licenses purchased, the number of shares you have used, and the number of shares remaining. Sharing privileges are based on one teacher for every 12.5 licenses purchased.
  • School/Teacher Information - The table on the Account Administration page allows you to Add/Manage Student Buckets, as well as view and manage the following:
    • Teacher name
    • Username
    • Last login
    • Number of saved lists
    • Sharing Licenses (Allows account administrators to easily grant sharing privileges with registered teachers)
    • Students Bucket/Total (Shows the number of students assigned to each teacher from the Bucket as well as the total number of students they have registered to their classes)
    • Student Actions (Allows account administrators to view, assign, or remove students from a Bucket for a particular teacher)

Student Buckets

Account administrators have the option of uploading all students in a school or district in a single, convenient upload. This is known as a Student Bucket. Select Sample CSV from the Account Administration page to download a sample CSV file to be used as a template for your student data. Once the spreadsheets have been completed and saved, administrators can upload them to their accounts themselves or email them to info@spellingcity.com and we will take care of the upload!

Once students have been uploaded via the Student Bucket method, account administrators can assign students to teachers by clicking Assign/Manage under Student Actions or allow teachers to select their students themselves from the Bucket themselves.

Account administrators can also select Add/Manage Student Buckets to view students, edit student accounts, group students, delete students, or print student lists!

For more detailed information about Student Buckets and answers to FAQs about Student Buckets, please click here.

Common FAQs - Administrator Overview

Can I share administrative privileges with other teachers?

Yes, as the account administrator, you may share adminitrative privileges with one other teacher by making him/her a co-administrator. To do so, log into your account, select Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox, select Grant Administrative Privileges and enter the username or email address of the teacher you wish to make a co-administrator.

How do I share licenses with other teachers?

To share your licenses, select Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox, then select Add Teachers/Share Licenses. From here, you will see that there are thre ways to share licenses:

  1. Check off the names of registered teachers at your school with whom you'd like to share licenses and click the Submit button.
  2. In the box provided, type the username or email address of each teacher with whom you wish to share licenses.
  3. Upload a CSV file (a sample file is provided) containing registration information for each teacher with whom you'd like to share licenses, or

Once you have entered teachers, consult the table on the Account Administration page. Make sure that it says "Yes" under Sharing Licenses next to each teacher with whom you'd like to share licenses. If it says, "No," click the link to change it to "Yes." Be careful not to exceed your license sharing privileges (see below).

There are several teachers registered at my school who are no longer teaching here. How do I remove them?

Please email a list of names and/or usernames of registered teachers who are no longer teaching at your school to info@spellingcity.com and we will remove them from your school's account.

How do I upload the students in my school/district?

We recommend that account administrators use our Student Bucket Upload to create accounts for their students. This way, students can be shared among teachers and can be easily moved from one class to the other without creating a new account. To use this feature, on the Account Administration page, select Sample CSV to can download a template to complete with your students' information. Please do not include any special characters (such as hyphens) or spaces in your students' usernames or passwords, as these will not be accepted by our system. To upload the file, select Add/Manage Student Buckets then Upload Students.

We recommend that administrators who wish to upload their own student buckets create separate CSV files for each grade and upload them into separate buckets. This makes account management much simpler. If you'd like, you can save your completed Student CSV file and email it to info@spellingcity.com, and we'll handle the upload for you!

I'm getting a message that my license sharing privileges have been exceeded. How can I correct this?

License sharing privileges are granted based on one teacher for every 12.5 licenses purchased. You can easily see your total number of available shares, the number of used shares, and the number of remaining shares by selecting Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox. If you have exceeded your license sharing limit, you can either remove sharing privileges from one (or more) of your teachers by clicking "Yes" under Sharing Licenses, changing it to "No," or you can purchase additional licenses by selecting Licenses & Orders from your Administrator Toolbox.

Is there a way for me to view the progress of all of the students in my district?

Yes, as the account administrator, you can view reports by clicking the District Report link from the Account Administration page. You can view the number of teachers registered at each school, information about teacher logins, number of students saved and number of lists saved. By clicking the name of a school, you can drill down into school level data and from there, you can click on the name of any teacher to view detailed data for each student.
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