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School and district accounts include Account Administrator controls. A designated Account Administrator at a school or district:

  • Manages the account, ensuring teachers receive licenses, info, and training
  • Manages the licenses, teachers, and students associated with the account
  • Can designate a co-administrator through Grant Administrative Privileges
  • Has access to School and District Reports, which should be checked regularly to ensure the account is being used as intended

Getting Started with your Administrator Account

Common FAQs

Can I remove teachers from my school that no longer work there?

Yes! To do so, check the box next to the name of each teacher you wish to remove from the school. Then, from the "Choose an action" drop-down menu, select Remove From School. Note: This will not delete the teacher's account, it will simply remove the association to your school. Do not remove teachers who still work at your school, even if you are not sharing licenses with them.

Some of my teachers have already added students to their accounts. Can I still add them via Student Bucket?

If your teachers have already added students manually to their own accounts, those student accounts will need to be deleted if you would prefer to upload students. Please note that when student accounts are deleted, all associated records are deleted as well. If students have already completed a significant number of activities, it may be best to wait until the end of the marking period to delete their accounts and upload those students.

I'm getting a message that my license sharing privileges have been exceeded. How can I correct this?

License sharing privileges are granted based on one teacher for every 12.5 licenses purchased. To purchase additional licenses, select Licenses & Orders from your Toolbox, then click Add Licenses or contact Client Services at 800-357-2157 for assistance.

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