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TOPIC: Spelling power

Spelling power 5 years, 11 months ago #1733

Has anyone made lists from Spelling power?

Re:Spelling power 5 years, 11 months ago #1734

It would be a challenge to coordinate SpellingCity's list saving feature with Spelling Power, since SP is basically one VERY long list, intended to last through grade 12. With Spelling Power, someone needs to read the words to the child each day, keep track of the time (five minutes per day), and stop giving words when the child has missed a certain number of them.

We used Spelling Power for about five years. It comes with an optional file of ideas for practicing the day's missed words. SpellingCity would be ideal for that practice! Instead of saving a list, you could just have the child type the words he missed that day onto the Home page and play games with them. The act of typing the words before playing the games provides some additional practice.

Are you using Spelling Power this year, or are you looking at it for next year?
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Re:Spelling power 5 years, 10 months ago #1802

Some of the lists I have are based on the first Spelling Power groups. I don't publish them until she hascompletely learned the ones she can see. It does make great practice and took away some of the complaining about Spelling and made it much easier for her to study independently.

I'm not using the Spelling Power methods because of quite unusual homeschool issues we have atm. (My daughter is in a different town right now and Nana has to oversee things.)

Re: Spelling power 3 years, 9 months ago #3800

I am working on this for my son. Although there are challenges to fully implementing exactly as the program is meant to be I have found that in my situation that having a full set of tests already on spelling city and a review list helps automate the program for me on days when I can not sit down one on one to implement the program. My son knows that he is to take a new test each day and then play practice activities for his review list. The premium membership allows me to go in on Friday, check what words he's missed and what words he has mastered from his review list so that I can properly update the list for the coming week. Although this doesn't account for the 5 minute time limit my son is generally able to complete a list in 5 minutes. Another way to adjust this would be to break the lists up into smaller lists that account for how many words your child can typically work through in 5 minutes.
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Re: Spelling power 3 years, 1 month ago #4855

I am new to Spelling City but this is my plans on how to using Spelling Power with the last 5 of my 8 children I have left to home school. My youngest is 7. With that being said I will be using the program for a long time. I made a Diagnostic Folder on Spelling City of all of the Survey test forms, Placement test, and Prescriptive test. After a child is placed in a level, I make a Spelling Power Folder for that level (Spelling Power Level A, Spelling level B etc.). I add the entire Group Level and review word list (Spelling Power Level A G-1, Spelling Power A G-2 etc.) to Spelling City. On Mondays I have my students take a whole Group list (Spelling Power Level F G-4) all at one time “Spelling Power page 92”. Of the missed words I make the list in my student’s name, missed level, and Group list (Addison missed level A G-1) with no more than three words to study. I also assign assignment dates to each list of missed words. Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday are days to work on all of the missed words. Friday I assign students to take spelling test on the whole group. I have tried to use the Spelling Power software and the program never worked right for me. I am very excited about the ability to enter my own list on Spelling City. I have the best of both worlds; a great spelling program and a great software program.
P.S. I do not publish my word list because I feel that would be a copy right issue.
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Re: Spelling power 2 years, 9 months ago #5069

I am new to Spelling city and also new to Power Spelling.

I enter 2 groups of Power Spelling as 1 lesson for my son. After he finished take Spelling Test, he write down "wrong" words, and he go through the 10 steps of Power Spelling. After he finished whole level. I will enter all the "wrong" words for him to take test. The rest of the activities are optional. I only want to combine Spelling City & Power Spelling. I do not need to read to him and can keep track.

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